Villa Bulan Madu Gili Air Island Lombok Indonesia

The 173 hectare small island Gili Air, east of Bali, is part of main island Lombok in Indonesia – together with two neighboring Gili islands (Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan).

From Mataram, Lombok’s capital city you drive approximately 35 minutes through one-of-a-kind tropical rainforests with numerous wild living monkeys to Bangsal, Lombok’s harbor. From Bangsal you drive for approximately fifteen minutes to Gili Air.

The bungalow estate Villa Bulan Madu is located directely at the beach with view to Lombok island. Gili Air is a quiet island, which you can circle in ninety minutes by foot. Here are no motorcycles or cars, no industry and smog. Only clear as glass water, fresh clean air and -nevertheless- many possibilities to pass the time – walking at the quiet beaches or visit one of the many small beach bars. There are no discos on Gili Air.

Freshly caught fish and delicious crustaceans, you can enjoy in many small restaurants also please your stomach. Also reading material from all over the world is available to a large extend through many small libraries on this island. Many tourists leave their books behind on Gili Air to lighten their luggage. Small corner shops are the local alternative to known supermarkets.

The approximately 1500 inhabitants of Gili Air, living mainly in the traditional local village originate from Sulawesi and are called – in Bahasa Indonesia language – “Orang Bugis”. Nowhere on earth you can experience such friendly and cosmopolitan people. Every newcomer is welcomed by heart – regardless whether Indonesian or foreign tourist. The inhabitants of the island earn their living from planting coconuts, from fishing and -naturally- tourism.

Tropical vegetation, white sandy beaches and the coral reefs just next to Gili Air which are one-of-a-kind make this island to one of the most beautiful secret tourism insiders tip. Diving and snorkeling you can enjoy a magnificent underwater world. Three diving schools happily show you the secret spots.

The Resort:
Villa Bulan Madu has been just recently built and has opened in August 2009.
The spacious complex consists of: Five Villas, thereof three villas with a private living space of 85 square meters and 300 square meters private garden each and two villas with a living space of 115 square meters each and four hundred square meters private garden per villa. Each villa has two beds and a small kitchen.

Bulan Madu is supplied with twenty tons of fresh water from Lombok by boat daily.
Therefore we are the only place on Gili Air with freshwater and an ever green tropical garden.

In the Lobby, at the reception and at the bar we will always be happy to talk to you with our staff.
The lobby is open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.
Additional room service, i. e. meals and drinks and whatever you desire can be ordered via phone at reception.
Even a laundry service is offered.

You can talk with us in German, English or Indonesian language.
Needless to say that our friendly personnel will be at your service with answers to your tour needs, medical assistance or diving.
We would be very happy to welcome you at our reception with a special welcome drink.

Garden :
Each villa has its own private garden, with a fresh water outdoor shower – within a tree – and a Bruga (Brugas are small traditional canopied resting places) with mosquito nets, the ideal place to relax and hang loose.

Shady palms, a Bamboo groves and regularly blossom flowers with spacious colours are shining with joy.

Additionally the chirps of the birds and chirr of the crickets, the almost silent purl of the waves of the sea at the beach before your main entrance, no pollution – only clear air – a real oasis in paradise.

Therefore the garden flowers do not yet blossom so colourful, the bushes are yet small and the villas are without curtains and Brugas have not yet equipped with mosquito nets.
Through daily watering every flower, bush and tree grow fast and you can relax in your own tropical garden.

You can enjoy the ample flowerage or watch the flaps of butterflies.

But you will not find snakes or any other poisonous’ animals – nothing to be afraid of.

The beach:
The magnificent white sandy beach is shady by palms, immediately before the entrance to Villa Bulan Madu. From here you can see and enjoy the magnificent and pictorially sunrise over the Gunung (mountain) Rinjani, the highest volcano with 3726 meters (12225 foot) height on the island of Lombok.
During a walk to the other side of Gili Air you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over Gunung Agung, Bali’s holy mountain with 3142 meters height (10309 foot) – both an unforgettable experience and groundbreaking view.

Snorkeling tourists and divers will be overwhelmed by the diversity of Indonesian underwater species. Coral reefs shelter water turtles, shrimps and many colourful Indonesian fishes – some of them do not even have an English name. In deep waters you can meet friendly white edge reef sharks.

Early season:
07 January till 31 March
16 October till 15 December

Villa 1, 2 and 3 (1 room)
Euro 88

Villa 4 (2 rooms)
Euro 99

Villa 5 (2 rooms)
Euro 110

Low Season:
1 April till 30 June
1 September till 15 October

Villa 1, 2 and 3 (1 room)
Euro 121

Villa 4 (2 rooms)
Euro 143

Villa 5 (2 rooms)
Euro 165

Main Season :
1 July till 31 August
16 December till 6 January

Villa 1, 2 and 3 (1 room)
Euro 143

Villa 4 (2 rooms)
Euro 165

Villa 5 (2 rooms)
Euro 198

All prices are per night including American breakfast. The daily rental prices are based on one to two people per night and villa and are charged in Euros (EUR).

Any additional person will be charged 15 Euros per day and villa. Children below two years accompanied by their parents are free, children between 2 and 10 years are paid 7.50 Euros per child and day. Minimum stay is two nights.

At the day of arrival the villa is available from 2pm. At the day of departure the villa has to be vacated till midday (12pm).

All prices include 21% governmental tax and service tax. Bookings have to be accompanied by an initial payment of 10%.

Transfer Service
From airport Mataram to our villas we charge 45 Euros for one to three people and 15 Euros each for every person thereafter. These prices include all costs for car-, boat- and horse cart transfer.

From harbor Teluk Nara to our villas we charge 35 Euros for one to three people and 15 Euros each for every person thereafter. These prices include all costs for car-, boat- and horse cart transfer.

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